Declan has a strong academic background and has published extensively in the field of minimally-invasive urology for the management of prostate, renal and bladder cancer. He is Associate Editor of the British Journal of Urology International, Consulting Editor of European Urology, on the Expert Advisory Board of Nature Reviews Urology and the editorial board of the Journal of Robotic Surgery, and is a regular reviewer for The Journal of Urology, Journal of Endourology, Journal of Sexual Medicine, Cancer and many others. He has been an investigator on research grants worth millions of dollars and is actively involved in clinical trials in many areas of urological oncology. He has particular research interests in prostate cancer including active surveillance, radical prostatectomy outcomes, and castrate-resistant prostate cancer.

In addition, Declan has a strong commitment to training and education and is involved in surgical education and training from undergraduate levels at the University of Melbourne, through to post-graduate robotic training for advanced trainees and existing specialists. He lectures to medical students and supervises Scholarly Selective students at undergraduate levels, in addition to supervision of post-graduate higher degrees through the Melbourne School of Graduate Research at the University of Melbourne. Together with Professor Tony Costello he Co-Directs the Melbourne Uro-Oncology Training Program for urology trainees developing expertise in urological oncology and robotic-assisted surgery in particular.

He also Co-Convenes the Asia-Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference with Professor Costello and the National Bladder and Kidney Cancer Symposium with Dr Daniel Moon.

Recent Publications

The Big Data challenge - amplify your content using video and maximise your social impact.
DG Murphy, W Everaerts, S Loeb
BJUI 2014. In press
Engaging repsonsibly with social media : the BJUI Guidelines
DG Murphy, S Loeb, MY Basto, BJ Challacombe, QD Trinh, M Leveridge, T Morgan, P Dasgupta, M Bultitiude
BJUI 2014. In press
Early urinary continence recovery after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy in older Australian men.
MY Basto, C Vidyasagar, L Marvelde, H Freeborn, E Birch, A Landau, DG Murphy, DA Moon.
BJUI 2014 In press
The impact of prostate cancer on partners: a qualitative exploration. Psycho-Oncology
AC Wootten, JM Abbott, D Osborne, D Austin, BW Klein, AJ Costello, DG Murphy.
2014 In press
Early Experience and Operative Technique of Robotic-Assisted Partial Nephrectomy.
J Kucharczyk, MY Basto, A Landau, R Graves, W Everaerts, E Birch, DG Murphy, DA Moon.
ANZ J Surg 2014 In press
Let the games begin (with EAU approval).
DG Murphy.
Eur Urol 2014 In press
My Road Ahead Study Protocol: A randomised controlled trial of an online psychological intervention for men following treatment for localised prostate cancer.
AC Wootten, JM Abbott, K Chisholm, DW Austin, B Klein, M McCabe, D Meyer, AJ Costello, DG Murphy.
BMC Cancer 2014;14(1):83-
Proton therapy websites: Information anarchy creates confusion.
M Basto, MR Cooperberg, DG Murphy.
BJUi 2014 In Press
The Melbourne Consensus Statement on the Early Detection of Prostate Cancer.
DG Murphy, T Ahlering, W Catalona, O Sartor, T Pickles, J Crowe, A Wootten, H Crowe, N Clarke, MR Cooperberg, D Gillatt, M Gleave, S Loeb, M Roobol, PC Walsh, AJ Costello.
BJUi 2014 ;113(2) :186-8
Sepsis And Superbugs: Should We Favour the Transperineal over the Transrectal Approach for Prostate Biopsy?
J Grummett, M Weerakoon, S Huang, N Lawrentschuk, M Frydenberg, DA Moon, M O’Reilly, DG Murphy.
BJUI 2014 In press
Cadaveric analysis of peri-prostatic nerve distribution: an anatomical basis for high anterior release during radical prostatectomy?
E Clarebrough, BJ Challacombe, C Briggs, B Namdarian, R Weston, DG Murphy, AJ Costello
J Urol 2011;185(4):1519-24
One hand is better than two: conversion from pure laparoscopic to the hand-assisted approach during difficult nephrectomy
N Mahesan, S Choudhury, MS Khan, DG Murphy, P Dasgupta
Annals RCS Eng 2011;93(3):229-31
Immunohistochemical study of the cavernous nerves in the periprostatic region
AJ Costello, B Dowdle, B Namdarian, J Pedersen, DG Murphy
BJUi 2011;107(8):1210-15
Prostate tumour volume is a predictor of early biochemical recurrence in a high-risk radical prostatectomy sub-group
MK Hong, B Namdarian, NM Corcoran, J Pedersen, JS Peters, DG Murphy, L Harewood, N Sapre, K Rzetelski-West, AJ Costello, CM Hovens
Pathology 2011;43(2):138-42.
Analysis of early complications of robotic cystectomy using a standardised reporting system
MS Khan, O Elhage, P Rimington, B Challacombe, DG Murphy, P Dasgupta
Urology 2011;77(2):357-62
Laparoscopic pyeloplasty outcomes of elderly patients
SK Giri, DG Murphy, AJ Costello, DA Moon
J Endourol 2011;25(2):151-6
Role of laparoscopic nephrectomy for refractory hypertension in poorly functioning kidneys
O Elhage, A Sahai, B Challacombe, DG Murphy, J Scoble, P Dasgupta
Ann R Coll Surg Engl 2011;93(1):25-6
Live surgical demonstrations in urology: valuable educational tool or putting patients at risk?
BJ Challacombe, R Weston, G Coughlin, DG Murphy, P Dasgupta
BJUi 2010;106(11):1571-3
Has PSA testing truly been a “public health disaster”?
AJ Costello, DG Murphy
Medical J Australia 2010;193(1):4-5
A comparative study between an improved novel air-cushion sensor and a wheeled probe for minimally invasive surgery
D Zbyszewski, B Challacombe, L Seneviratne, K Althoefer, P Dasgupta, DG Murphy
J Endourol 2010;24(7): 1155-9
Downsides of robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy: limitations and complications
DG Murphy, A Bartell, V Ficarra, M Graefen, A Haese, R Montironi, F Montorsi, J Moul, G Novara, G Sauter, T Sulser, H van der Poel
Eur Urol 2010; 57(5): 735-46
Robotic-assisted laparoscopic pyeloplasty – initial Australian experience
R Hall, DG Murphy, B Challacombe, A Costello, J Kearsley
J Robotic Surg 2010;3(4):209-13
The continuing role of PSA as a marker for localised prostate cancer: don’t throw the baby out with the bath water
BJ Challacombe, DG Murphy, H Lilja, A Vickers, AJ Costello
BJUi 2009;104(11):1553-4
Air-cushion force sensitive probe for soft tissue investigation during minimally-invasive surgery
K Althoefer, D Zbyszewski, H Liu, P Puangmali, B Challacombe, DG Murphy, P Dasgupta, L Seneviratne
J Endo 2009 ;23(9) :1421-4

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